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Freegan is just the beginning
Additional possibilities

Alternatives to car culture

Car driving causes pollution, noise, waste of resources, militant interventions about oil, accidents, diseases caused by pollution, climate change and isolation. Marginal groups like the under-privileged, the elderly and children are largely excluded from using cars.

1.2 million people die in road traffic accidents every year.
Riding a bike can avoid these consequences and is much more fun.

Plant based nutrition

Male laying chicks (also in organic – or free-range keeping systems) get killed on the very first day of their life, because they are male and cannot produce eggs. Milk production is inseparably related to meat production: Milk cows have to be impregnated (often artificially) in order to produce milk. The new born calves get separated from their mother during the first days of their life and are then used for veal production. As soon as the dairy cow's flow of milk decreases, the cycle of horror starts all over again for her. Animals are treated as goods in our society, their cognitive abilities like intelligence, social behaviour, ability to suffer and consciousness are denied to them in order to conveniently exclude them from our moral sphere.

Accepting that animals are subjects therefore includes not eating them and switching to plant based alternatives.

In doing this 18% of anthropogenic green houses gas emissions could be avoided (FAO 2006) and our ecological footprint could be reduced by 30%.

Self-determined life instead of authority

A strong pressure is put on all forms of living by economy and state. Humans are obliged to respect laws, which they never agreed upon and which mainly protect economic interests.

DIY: Do it yourself, organise your life according to your own needs.

Mutual help instead of bullying

Our achievement-orientated society demands performance or victims; Those groups in society which are unable to generate this performance are pushed ever further towards the edge of society.

Stop the competition! For more justice and equality:

Living within our ecological limits

The typical European lifestyle and consumption, applied to all humans worldwide, would devour three planets Earths, to maintain the flow of goods.

Calculate your ecological footprint and check out where you potential to reduce it lies, so you don't have to live at the cost of others.

Peace instead of Neo-liberalism

Capitalism is related to a strong tendency of monopolisation. Competition forces participating companies to generate profit and accumulate capital. Small businesses often have to leave the market or are taken over by bigger ones. It the end big companies combine to dominate the markets and have an enormous influence on politics. Because markets are too small for them, they use the idea of free-trade to create or develop new ones. As resources become scarce, wars are fought to secure access to them.

See the facts and leave the cycle!

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